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At your first appointment,

a series of diagnostic information is collected to create a customized treatment plan for each and every patient.

How do we begin and What to expect

There will be a discussion of your past medical and dental history and your current overall oral health concerns and questions.

A series of diagnostic examinations will be completed to obtain a thorough and comprehensive understanding of your oral health. This may include and not limited to, intra oral examination, an examination of your gingiva and soft tissue, radiographs, photographs and/or digital impressions.
I utilize the most up-to-date technology to give us the most accurate and precise data.

Why we do what we do

Each patient and mouth is different and there is not just one treatment that works for everyone.

Therefore, we need to take the time and utilize the best technology to give us a clear understanding of your oral health needs. In the end, a personalized, customized treatment plan will be formulated based on your individual needs.

What to expect next

Once all of the data has been collected and reviewed, a conversation will be held to review findings, treatment plan options, time and other factors.

I want to educate you about your oral health to be in the know and prepared for the future. A major portion of dentistry is preventative and I want to help you prevent future problems with preventive measures you can do.

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